Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings with Sterling Silver


Shop diamond earrings that are unique and handmade. Our designs give off just enough sparkle to make the wearer feel elegant and special. These handmade diamond earrings include raw diamonds in their rough, natural form and small faceted diamonds set in sterling silver.
Small Triangle Pave Diamond Earrings
Pave Diamond Post Earrings
Short Moonstone and Pave Diamond Earrings
Mini Diamond Earrings
Pointy Teardrop Diamond Earrings
Grey Rough Diamond Circle Earrings
Abstract Rough Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are timeless and a "must have". Every girl deserves to own at least one pair.

Diamond is believed to intensify and bring strength to the energies that surround it; this includes the negatives energies, too. It is also believed to cultivate trust and fidelity and boost creativity. Diamond is the birthstone for April. It is the gift for the 10th and 60th Anniversary.

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