Sterling Silver Polishing Cloths

Clean Silver Jewelry With Our Sterling Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths


Clean your sterling silver jewelry and keep it looking new. These sterling silver jewelry polishing cloths are non-scratch micro-abrasive soft cloths. It safely cleans and shines gold, silver, brass, and copper. Individual cloths (7.5 inches x 5 inches) are packaged in resealable plastic bags.
Sterling Silver Polishing Cloth

It is natural for sterling silver to taint over time. Keeping your jewelry stored in an airtight zip lock bag will help prevent some tarnishing. Remember, sterling silver is meant to be worn and your body oils also help prevent tarnishing. However, you will still need to polish it.

Simply rub your sterling silver jewelry gently with the polishing cloth. Remember, silver is a very soft metal. It can scratch if you aren't careful, so please don't rub it too harshly.

Never use this polishing cloth on pearls and other soft porous stones. If you're not sure what you can use this on, please contact me anytime.