Gemstone Pendants

Necklace Pendants, Pearl and Gemstone Pendants Set in Sterling Silver


Our necklace pendants include beautiful gemstones and genuine pearls set in sterling silver. A sterling silver snake chain can also be purchased separately to fit any pendant. These unique designs are perfect for every occasion. Makes a great gift.
Amethyst Flower Gemstone Pendant
Amethyst Cross Gemstone Pendant
Iolite Cross Gemstone Pendant
Iolite Gemstone and Pearl Pendant
White Topaz and Pearl Pendant
White Topaz Cross Gemstone Pendant
Garnet Gemstone and Pearl Pendant
Garnet Cross Gemstone Pendant
Citrine Cross Gemstone Pendant
Citrine Gemstone and Pearl Pendant
Peridot Cross Gemstone Pendant
Sterling Silver Snake Chain

To clean gemstones and pearls, I recommend using a damp cloth (with water) to gently wipe the pieces. Never use ultrasonic cleaners and chemicals on gemstones and pearls. Never immerse them in water, the stones can become loose. Also, never use a silver polishing cloth on your gemstones and pearls. You may use the silver polishing cloth on the sterling portion of your pendant only.